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We’ve Moved… Find Us On Tumblr!

13 Feb

We've Moved. Find Us on Tumblr!

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Toast New York Fashion Week with ASC Resale!

12 Feb

Toast New York Fashion Week with ASC Resale!

Mimosas and Shopping with NYC’s most fashionable set, this Thursday! Event page:!/events/143212835841919/


Win a Chanel bag with ASC’s Pin It To Win It!

11 Feb

Want to WIN a Chanel bag? That’s right, WIN. Pin It to Win It Contest now going on at ASC!

Pin It To Win It: Win a Chanel Flag CC Pochette!

Pin It To Win It: Win a Chanel Flag CC Pochette!


ASC’s Guide to New York Fashion Week

8 Feb

lbd text jpeg

We are strong believers in versatile wardrobe staples, namely the “LBD” or Little Black Dress. With a classic black sheath dress (especially a body-hugging one from D&G) you simply can’t go wrong. Add a few key accessories and a change of shoes and your look is transformed from morning to noon to night! No time to run home and change between appearances, you say?  In comes the chic Celine carry-all!

LBD_AM jpeg

Sport this ensemble while you dash out of a cab, up the main steps at Lincoln Center, and across the square into your front row seat.

Versace Blazer

D&G Dress

Chanel Necklace

Celine Bag

Chanel Boots

LBD_Afternoon jpeg

Gloves are underrated accessory- especially this edgy embellished pair from Chanel. Lipstick red is the perfect accent color for an otherwise monochrome ensemble and what better transition from business meeting to social gathering?

Chanel Gloves

D&G Dress

Hermes Clutch

Christian Louboutin Heels

LBD_PM jpeg

Give your pretty pedi a break with these stacked platforms from Fendi. Stunning, understated and with gold accents to match these oversized Chanel dangles. Throw a knotted Chanel clutch that transforms into a crossbody into the mix and voila… Afterparty-ready!

Chanel Earrings

D&G Dress

Chanel Knot Clutch

Fendi Heels

ASC x TFB: Interview with The Fashion Bomb

31 Jan

ASC: Hi Claire! Welcome to A Second Chance Resale. We are so excited to have you here in our Soho boutique! We have been big followers of your blog, Fashion Bomb Daily, since its inception in 2006. You are a top source of celebrity style, trend reports, industry news, and -my personal favorite- fashion bombshell of the day. You are Harvard-educated and impeccably dressed. Your blog has a readership of 2.4 million people monthly, and perhaps even more impressive than that, you are the second hit on Google for “the fashion”. Unbelievable…
TFB: Oh, I didn’t know that! That’s awesome.


Above: Morgan, of ASC Resale, and Claire, The Fashion Bomb, in our Soho Boutique.

ASC: Big news! So we wanted our blog readers and customers to learn a little bit more about you. First things first, how did you get your start in fashion?
TFB: I got my start in fashion working at magazines. I used to work at Real Simple magazine in New York. I worked there for four years. I was actually in the research department but was just always really interested in fashion and started writing for the fashion department but I couldn’t really find a way into the fashion department so I got frustrated. I decided to quit my job and move to Paris. It was just handy that I majored in French so I spoke French and while I was in Paris I was just like I want to find a way to break into fashion and I want to work for Paris Vogue. I just put it out there and I just got really lucky. I sent my resume to Carine Roitfeld, she met with me. She looked at my online experience and proposed I write for Paris Vogue so I did. I got an internship at Paris Vogue, worked for Paris Vogue, Glamour Paris and GQ Paris. I shot street style, I wrote the look of the day, fashion news, and I also started writing for Italian Vogue while I was over there all-the-while working, working, working on my website. I eventually moved back to New York and I still write for Italian Vogue and I blog full time.
ASC: Amazing! What’s your favorite part of your job?
TFB: My favorite part of the job is that I can work in my pajamas [laughs]. I don’t have to get up and get dressed and go to a job.
ASC: A definite perk. Says the fashion blogger… Well, I bet they are cute pajamas!

TFB: Yeah, they’re super cute, Ralph Lauren, but I just love it, it’s such a blessing to be able to do what you love and make a living from it and I love every little bit of my job. I love to shop so it just makes sense.
ASC: How would you describe your personal style?
TFB: I’d say it’s classic with a twist. I’ll wear jeans and a t-shirt but with a Rick Owens jacket or some studded Valentino flats. I like a little saucy. I’ll do the little Helmut Lang asymmetrical thing. I’m kind of getting into a more biker-chic-goth-look just for the winter, sort of a darker look but I’m really a prep at heart. I love the whole vintage thing and pop by vintage stores.
ASC: Do you have an all-time favorite clothing or accessory buy? One piece that you bought and you just love it more every time you wear it?
TFB: Well, My Givenchy ‘Nightingale’ is just that bag that I go to all the time. It was actually my first big purchase in terms of a bag. It ended up being a worthy investment because I wear it absolutely every day.
ASC: That’s very significant; you’re always going to remember that. Do you think a bag is a must-have investment piece? A nice, classic bag or a little black dress, or is there one thing you think everyone should have?
TFB: Definitely. I think I have so many little black dresses. I guess you can never have enough. But that go-to bag that you love, a great pair of shoes. I have kind of like my “New York uniform” in the winter I’d say a great coat, a great bag, a great pair of shoes and that’s all you need, maybe a nice pair of sunglasses, too.
ASC: It doesn’t hurt. Do you have a favorite fashion moment, where you just hit the nail on the head?

TFB: I like my birthday outfit, I just celebrated my birthday. I wore kind of a silver lamé jumpsuit by Catherine Malandrino and it was just so obnoxious but it was my birthday and I wore my birthday suit and paired it with some spiked Louboutin shoes and a nice little furry coat and it was just very me. I like to stand out sometimes.

ASC: I know you feature a lot of celebrities on your blog, does one stand out to you as a style icon?
TFB: I like Rihanna’s style a lot. She wavers, sometimes she’s tomboy-chic, sometimes she’s super-duper glam, but I’ve definitely bought stuff because she’s worn it. With Givenchy she really brings stuff to life. She’s really beautiful, and I also like random celebrities that I don’t cover like Victoria Beckham. I like her style, Kate Moss, Jennifer Lopez is actually someone who I think is great. She’s very curvy and always dresses well for her body and always looks flawless. Like 9 times out of 10 she gets it right.
ASC: Is there anything you’re most excited about with Fashion Week around the corner?
TFB: I’m just excited about traveling. I’m doing the circuit again: London, New York, Milan and Paris. I have already gotten confirmations for some shows so I just know it’s going to be a very full schedule and you know I feel like I’m more prepared than I ever was just because I’ve been doing it for so long so I’m in my element. I can’t wait to just hop on that plane and have fun and see all my friends and meet new people.
ASC: That’s awesome. Alright, last question, it’s a fun one: Which on-screen character has your favorite style? From a movie, a tv show, a fictional character? Is there anyone that really stands out to you?
TFB: I know this is so cliché but I love Sex and The City: Carrie. Or that woman who was in The Devil Wears Prada but they were all styled by Patricia Field so I guess I just like Patricia Field’s work.
ASC: Well, she’s a character!

For more on The Fashion Bomb:

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Or Instagram: @fashionbombdaily

For more on ASC Resale:

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Or Instagram: @ASCresale

Missed your opportunity to purchase a Limited Edition Louis Vuitton?

5 Jan

No need to worry, A Second Chance has you covered!  Check out our selection of Ltd. Editions Louis Vuitton bags below!

ImageLOUIS VUITTON Watercolor Speedy 35cm LTD. Edition $2,500

ImageLOUIS VUITTON Ltd. Edition Oskar Waltz Monogram Bag with Exotic Leather Trim $ 5,000

ImageLOUIS VUITTON Ltd. Edition Moka Neverfull Bag PM $2,500

ImageLOUIS VUITTON Ltd. Edition Ambre Neo Fabuleux Cabas Tote $1,800

ImageLOUIS VUITTON Ltd Edition Stephen Sprouse Hot Pink Graffiti Speedy 30cm $1,900

Trend Alert: Be Envied in Exotics

12 Dec

Nothing says luxury qDSC_0977uite like exotic skins.

Add a little flair to your wardrobe with these uber- elegant exotic accessories and be the envy of everyone you meet.

For a truly showstopping look, try our impeccable Hermes 32cm Shiny Crocodile Kelly. 

Or for something a bit more understated, the Hermes lizard H clutch is a timeless classic.

Prefer to dress up your feet? Our Python Christian Louboutin Heels pair perfectly with any outfit and our Ralph Lauren Collection Crocodile ankle boots are comfortable enough for everyday wear.


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