If Shoes Could Talk: Fendi Pumps Arrive at A Second Chance

17 Sep

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If shoes could talk, they’d have quite a bit to say.  Fortunately, the four pairs of Fendi pumps that found their way to A Second Chance today don’t need an introduction—or any words either. Ranging in four-five inches, the heels’ careful craftsmanship recalls a nostalgic story of early Italian artisans. The burgundy pumps reminisce of Fendi’s  1920s life, with a round flapper foot, black-striped heel and sturdy sole. However, the five-inch platform pumps in black, creme and gray suede recall modern-day Italian women, famous for wearing such ambitious stilts through cobblestoned alleyways and romantic piazzas.

Thankfully, you don’t need to be Italian to make your own statement in these sexy Fendi pumps, and you can even stroll in them through the streets of your own hood. Come check them out at A Second Chance or order online now. Happy strolling! Or, as they say in Italy, Fai un passegiata!


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