Hermes Pikabook: For the Girl Who Already Has Everything

11 Sep

“And just what is this?!” I skeptically declared, grabbing a little orange Hermes box sitting behind the cash register. “It’s the Hermes Pink Elephant Pikabook Leather Bookmark,” Natalie happily replied, taking him out of his cute little boxy home. “But is it really necessary?” I said, “Who would buy something like that?” I just couldn’t imagine that something so small could mean so much to someone.

A week went by, and suddenly, the pink elephant and I met again, me beginning to notice his little trunk doubling as a tail, meant to straddle the pages of a good book. “And what is he still doing here?!” I accidentally yelled out loud, this time just loud enough for a potential customer to hear. It appears that the elephant is becoming a comfortable staple in my work day, his tiny, black beady eyes and trunk revealing a smile upon my entrance. Even the texture of the togo leather manages to have some sort of calming affect, and I forget that he is not a real elephant, but rather a decorative piece with functionality. Yes, I guess he is growing on me.

Unfortunately, the pink elephant remains all alone in the store—he is the only one of his kind around, an endangered species among Hermes Birkins and Hermes crocodile Kelly bags—which happen to look absolutely adorable with a little elephant trunk and tail bookmarking its pockets, by the way. What will be the fate of Pikabook? Will he find a good home or is he here to stay? As Natalie suggests, Pikabook is a sentimental gift, but especially “for the girl who already has everything.”


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