Madonna, Chanel, Champagne and Cupcakes, Oh My!

7 Sep

Fashion Week kicked off with Fashion’s Night Out (FNO) last night, but the shenanigans were met with a bit of competition, coinciding with the Madonna MDNA 2012 Concert at Yankee Stadium.  However, neither event could hold a candle to Fashion’s Day Out (FDO) at A Second Chance—hey, fashion fanatics go bananas for cupcakes and champagne, as well as our security guard Marcus at the Upper East Side location, who apparently moonlights as a comedian. Luckily, we were humble about our FDO awesomeness, and didn’t let it stop us from checking out last night’s “competition,” during which we even gleamed a little inspiration.

Our FNO research began and ended with a trek out to Yankee Stadium for the Madonna Concert—I know our lives are so hard. As the show began (almost two-and-a-half hours “fashionably” late), we couldn’t help but notice the pair of black leather Chanel gloves with the classic, diamond-studded “CC” logo, Madonna donned during her opening numbers. ‘Would we make it through the whole concert, without Chanel envy? Could we put our jealousy aside in the name of Madonna?’

While we have since safely returned from our fashion pilgrimage in the Bronx, it has occurred to us that we may need to go on a Chanel fast, as we’re having so much trouble keeping our Madonna-inspired Chanel accessories off our greedy paws, necks and shoulders, and instead inside the cases for customers.

Please come take some of the loot off our hands, before our security guard Marcus has to turn us in to the authorities—or even worse, Chanelaholics Anonymous. Oh, and there’s still some cupcakes and champagne left by the way 🙂


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