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What a Whimsical Pair: Fendi Trench Coat with Hermes Cashmere Scarf

29 Sep

We’re lusting for a look that features the Fendi White Perforated Leather Double-Breasted Trench Coat and
Hermes Blue Cashmere Scarf with Sculptures. The white fitted trench coat is very professional, not to mention very Gwyneth Paltrow Fashion Week Paris 2012. However, when paired with the Hermes scarf, a whimsical look comes to fruition: at work behind the desk by day, flying away to Paris with Gwynnie by night.


Pretty in Pink Prada

28 Sep

Be Pretty in Pink Prada! The leather satchel with cochette, key and nametag is in pristine condition and just arrived at A Second Chance. Come have a look today at A Second Chance on the Upper East Side or online.

New Accesory Arrivals

27 Sep

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New Accessory arrivals include the Hermes Black Leather Band with Sterling Buckle, the Dominique Aurientis Rhinestone Cross Clip Dangling Earrings and the Siman Tu Blue Beaded Stone/Turqouise Necklace.

Cow Print or Leopard Print?

27 Sep

I really would like to ask the ALAIA Ponyhair Hidden Platform Pumps to marry me. I know, I know, I’m such a cliché, wanting to walk down the aisle with these shoes—in these shoes. It’s just that leopard print is getting way too much love these days, but if you think about it, black and white cow print is a little less outrageous and matches more outfits. Clearly, cow print’s versatility suggests that he is not the underdog.

Fortunately, we have both leopard print and cow print items at A Second Chance, so nobody has to commit to either one! Phew. Check out the Dolce & Gabbana Leopard Print Dress With Velvet Hem or the Roberto Cavalli Leopard Print Halter Top.

Sexy New Handbags Have Arrived!

25 Sep

GUCCI Red Patent Leather Logo Speedy BagLouis Vuitton Fleur De Jais Carrousel Sequin Handbag

YSL Red Patent Leather Clutch

Cuckoo for Coco

20 Sep

We’re going Cuckoo for Coco today, especially for this olive green skirt that is perfect for the warm fall weather we’re having this weekend. That’s right, temperatures are going to be in the 80s in New York! Perhaps pair the skirt with a cardigan or sweater for the cooler morning and remove it in the afternoon.

And who doesn’t love pockets?!

Bye Bye Fashion Week, Fashion Coterie, Hello A Second Chance

19 Sep

We were stoked to make it to a few shows for Fashion Week, and while we’re excited to attend the annual follow-up tradeshow, Fashion Coterie, we’re kind of feeling like a Coterie ourselves. A Second Chance is home to various classic, yet current and vintage handbags, clothing, shoes, accessories, and even rare finds, both online and IRL (in-real-life at the Upper East Side and Soho locations). From the James Bond-esque Louis Vuitton Monogram Case and the Hermes Pikabook Bookmark, to the unique Chanel tennis gear and elaborate Prada necklaces, we’re a coterie of exclusivity.

Didn’t have time for Fashion Week? Can’t snag a badge for Coterie? Come see us soon. We’re not a—ahem—fair-weather friend, showing up for one or two weeks throughout the year. We’re here every day, yay!

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